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Traditional Dessert Tulumba 500gr

Tulumba dessert is a traditional dessert in Turkish Cuisine in which fried dough is served in a sherbet.

Tulumba is an old Turkish dessert of Rumelia origin.
The tulumba dessert, which entered the Ottoman palace cuisine from the Balkan culture, has served on every occasion in addition to joy and saddness in the Ottoman tradition.

It is one of the preferred flavors of Turkish culture at special occasion.
It is also a common dessert in many Eastern European countries.

Tulumba is fried dough rolls dipped in sherbet and pistachios.
Rolls take their unique shapes by passing through a special mold.

Tulumba dessert has preserved its glory until today with its hard crunchy exterior and the sherbet flowing through it when bitten and the softness of the dough.

Tulumba dessert, which is one of the most delicious desserts of the tables, can be made especially for holidays, weddings and community meals, and has always been a in demand dessert in Thrace home kitchens.


Water, flour, butter, granulated sugar, salt, eggs, semolina, lemon juice, starch.

Allergy Warning
Contains eggs, semolina.