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Traditional Dessert Sekerpare 500gr



Traditional Dessert Sekerpare 500gr

Şekerpare is a traditional dessert with sherbet unique to Turkish cuisine.

Its history goes back to the 1800s.
Its origin comes from the word ‘Şakarbüre’, which literally means “a dessert made with dough and sugar”.

Şekerpare is one of the most popular desserts with sherbet.
This dessert, which is at the top of many regions cuisins in Turkish cuisine, is also very popular in Balkan countries.

One of the features that make Şekerpare dessert indispensable is its whole nuts.
After the dough with sugar is prepared, it is cut into small pieces, carved in a round shape and before putting it in the oven, it is covered with one piece of dried nuts such as unsalted hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds, walnuts.

The recipe of this flavor is generally clear, although it is presented with different cooking techniques in almost every region.

The only feature of Şekerpare that does not change in every region where it is made is that it has sherbet.
For this reason, in some regions it is also called “Cookie with Sherbet”.

Şekerpare, which can be eaten with your loved ones at tea times and will be indispensable when hosting guests, will be remembered in every environment where it is served.

Egg, margarine, granulated sugar, lemon, flour, vanilla, baking powder, hazelnut, water.
May contain semolina.

Allergy Warning
Contains dairy, gluten, nuts.