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Traditional Dessert Carrot Slice Baklava with Pistachio 500gr



Traditional Dessert Carrot Slice Baklava with Pistachio 500gr

Carrot Slice Baklava is made by cutting the baklava, which is unique to the Antep region, in the form of carrot slices in order to create a difference in visuality and presentation.
Unlike regular and baklava, it is made with more pistachio and more sherbet.
You can serve the carrot slice baklava with cream or with ice cream.

Baklava is an important pastry dessert that has a place in Turkish, Middle Eastern, Balkan and South Asian cuisines.
Baklava, which is also find itself a place for this nations cuisines, also adopted by this nations.

Although there are various discussions about the History of Baklava, it should be known that it is an undeniable cultural heritage.

Baklava, one of the most famous and popular desserts of Turkish cuisine, is especially the symbol of Gaziantep region.

Baklava, which is one of the most preferred tastes among Turkish desserts, is made by placing walnuts, pistachios, almonds or hazelnuts between thin doughs according to the region.

Baklava, which is in the category of desserts with sherbet, is generally flavored with sugar sherbet. It can be also used honey sherbet.

Baklava, which is indispensable for special occasions such as weddings, holidays and invitations, is a taste loved by people of all ages with its unique appearance and taste.

milk, oil, water, egg, salt, vinegar, baking powder, Peanut or walnut, flour, starch, sugar, semolina

Allergy Warning
Contains dairy, egg, pistachio.