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Traditional Dessert Burma Kadayıf 500gr



Traditional Dessert Burma Kadayıf 500gr

Kadayıf dessert is a traditional taste, which is among the indispensable desserts of Turkish cuisine with its ancient history.

Kadayıf is consumed mostly Balkans, Turkey and Middle Eastern countries.
The word kadayıf is the plural of the word “kadife” which comes from Arabic.

Its history goes back to the Seljuk empire period.
It can be seen from the records in the kitchen registers called “Berayi Hassa” that Kadayıf existed during the Seljuk and Anatolian Principalities.

Burma kadayif was first made in Bingöl by a master named Agop towards the end of the 1890s.
Later, it was appreciated by everyone and started to be made in many cities such as Istanbul, Ankara.

Burma kadayıf is made by turning the tel kadayıf into molds by hand. Walnuts or pistachios are placed in the molded rolls, placed on trays, fried in the oven and served with sherbet poured on it.

Kadayıf is a delicious dessert preferred by everyone cannot be given up by dessert lovers of all ages, in crowded tables, especially during holidays and entertainments.

tel kadayıf (flour, water, corn starch, vegetable oil, salt), butter, pistachio, granulated sugar, water, lemon juice

Allergy Warning
Contains gluten, pistachios or walnuts.