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Lezza Künefe 290 gr (2 Pieces)


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Lezza Künefe 290 gr (2 Pieces)

Warning: Should be cooked before consumed.

It is thought that künefe was first made in Palestine in the 10th century by adding cheese into a special dough.
Kunefe was called “cheese kadayif” when it was first discovered.
It is still called in Lebanon under the name of “cheese kadayif” in some regions.

Kunefe has undergone many changes until it reaches its current structure in the historical process and is still made with different recipes or different ingredients in many countries and provinces.
It is thought that the known künefe was discovered in Southeastern Anatolia, in Hatay in the 1900s.

In time the fame of künefe started from Hatay cuisine and spread to the whole country and became one of the favorite desserts of everyone of all ages.

Künefe, is made by placed of with a fresh type of cheese (without salt), between the layers of the tel kadayıf, then baking on both sides. After cooking procedure, sherbet and pistachios are added on it and it is served with cream if desired.

Kunefe, which has become one of the most popular desserts with its culture and taste today, has taken its place in our lives as a flavor that is always consumed cheerfully around a family and crowded table since the first day it was discovered.

tel kadayıf (flour, water, corn starch, vegetable oil, salt), butter, cheese, pistachio or walnut, granulated sugar, water, lemon juice

Allergy Warning
Contains gluten, dairy, pistachios or walnuts.

Warning: It should be cooked in the oven or in a pan.