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Lezza Katmer with Pistachio 150gr

Warning: Should be cooked before consumed.

Katmer is a sweet or salty pastry made by opening the dough, which is common in Turkish cuisine and Central Asia, with a thickness of approximately 2 mm, and putting it in oil, poppy, tahini or pistachio and folding it 4-5 times.

This dessert, which is very enjoyable to eat, is made in many regions, but its origins comes from Gaziantep cuisine with its special pistachio.

Katmer is made with different ingredients or different recipes according to the regions.
Katmer is made as a dessert in some regions, others it is a salty pastry.
Katmer dessert, particularly in Turkey’s Southeastern Anatolia region (around and in Gaziantep) is sweet and made with pistachios.
It is a usually salty pastry in the Aegean Region and is made with tahini.
In Afyon and Uşak provinces, katmer with poppy paste is common.

According to Turkish traditions in some regions, it is a sweet gesture sent to the bride’s family house early the next morning after wedding by the friends or family of groom.

Since katmer is a light and easily edible dessert, can even preferred for the breakfast table or on the special days can be served with your guest with ice cream or cream(kaymak).


phyllo dough, pistachio, sugar, oil, cream

Allergy Warning
Contains gluten, pistachios, dairy.

Warning: It should be cooked in the oven or in a pan.