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Su Boregı(4 Pieces) from Antepliler



Su Boregı(4 Pieces) from Antepliler

Su boregı, one of the traditional flavors of Turkish cuisine, is one of the first tastes that come to mind when it comes to borek.
Su boregı appeals everyones taste and attracts to everyone’s attention.

It is made by sprinkling minced meat or white cheese mixture between the layers of boiled dough, depending on the type of su borek, and baking it with an egged top.

It can be eaten both cold and hot as it contains cheese and is crispy on the outside and soft inside.

You can eat whenever you want, such as at breakfast, lunch or dinner with hot tea.



Wheat flour, Egg, Feta cheese, Butter, Sunflower oil, Parsley, Drinking water, Salt.

Allergy Warning

Contains Gluten, Lactose and Egg.