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İçli Köfte(Fried) Vegan (4 Pieces)



İçli Köfte(Fried) Vegan (4 Pieces)

İçli köfte is a traditional food of Anatolian cuisine in Turkey .
Originally belonging to the Levant cuisine, this meal is also called kibbe, oruk and in some regions, stuffed meatballs.

İçli köfte is a dish made by turning bulgur into dough and stuffing it.
İçli Köfte is prepared in two ways after the filling and dough is prepared: the first is boiled and the second is fried.

İçli köfte is also a preferred meal to be served to guests on special occasions such as holidays, promises, engagements, henna nights and weddings.

It is a meal that takes minutes to consume and makes the consumer incredibly happy. It is a candidate to become everyone’s favorite food.

It is mostly served with yogurt drink/ ayran.

It can be consumed as lunch or dinner and also snack.

Peas, green beans, onion, potato, chili pepper, sweet chili pepper, sweet ground pepper, salt, tomato paste, bulgur, egg

Allergy Warning
Contain egg.


Warning: Can be sold in packs of 4 pieces.