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İçli Köfte (Boil) (4 Pieces)



İçli Köfte 4 Pieces (Should be boiled)

İçli köfte is a traditional food of Anatolian cuisine in Turkey .
Originally belonging to the Levant cuisine, this meal is also called kibbe, oruk and in some regions, stuffed meatballs.

İçli köfte is a dish made by turning bulgur into dough and stuffing it.
İçli Köfte is prepared in two ways after the filling and dough is prepared: the first is boiled and the second is fried.

İçli köfte is also a preferred meal to be served to guests on special occasions such as holidays, promises, engagements, henna nights and weddings.

It is a meal that takes minutes to consume and makes the consumer incredibly happy. It is a candidate to become everyone’s favorite food.

It is mostly served with yogurt drink/ ayran.

It can be consumed as lunch or dinner and also snack.

Cooking Suggestion:

Water is boiled in a deep saucepan. Stuffed meatballs are put in water one by one (After waiting for 2-3 hours at room temperature and defrosting). Meatballs are boiled for 2-3 minutes. Meatballs must not overlap to each other during boiled. Boiled meatballs are taken out of the water and served with butter on it if desired.
Note: Squeezing 2-3 drops of lemon juice in boiling water prevents the meatballs from dispersing.

beef mince 5% fat, onion, chili pepper, black pepper, sweet paprika, butter, salt, tomato paste, bulgur for meatballs, white flour, egg, semolina, pepper paste

Allergy Warning
Contain egg

Warning: Should be boiled before consumed.

Can be sold in packs of 4 pieces.