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Appetizer – Meze Humus (Portion)



Appetizer – Meze Humus

Hummus, a healthy and satisfying snack that we consume at different moments, is a Middle Eastern appetizer made with a unique combination of chickpeas and tahini. It is also written and read as Houmous and Hummus.

Humus, which has been known for centuries but has no definitive evidence as to where its homeland is, has been loved and adopted by many countries.

In most of the Arab countries, Turkey, Israel, Cyprus, Armenia, Greece, Europe and the United States is widely consumed hummus, in some of these countries it is even made and consumed as a traditional dish.

Humus is prepared in different ways according to the countries in terms of the oil or spice it contains.

Hummus is a breakfast served with pita, an appetizing snack before the main meal or a meal on its own in the Middle East, besides that it has become a sauce consumed with chips in Europe and America

This taste, which is suitable for the palate of almost everyone who tries, is both healthy and delicious as it consists of chickpeas, one of the pulses rich in protein.

You can consume this delicious taste on your own or share this indispensable taste with your loved ones, on your special days, at your crowded tables.

You can serve with toasted bread slices or pita slices.

chickpea, tahini, garlic, olive oil, salt

Allergy Warning
Contains chickpeas, tahini.