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Maun Simit 5 Pieces


Simit 5 Pieces


Maun Simit 5 Pieces

Simit or in some regions gevrek is a circular pastry which is an important part of Turkish food culture consisting of sesame, flour, yeast and molasse.
It is also known Turkish bagel in some countries.
Simit is widely consumed in Turkey, the Middle East and the Balkans.

The history of simit is estimated to be 600 years ago.
In the oldest archival sources mentioning simit, it is written that simit has been consumed in Istanbul since 1525.

Accordingly, simit which is indispensable for breakfasts and snacks, it has been in our lives for many years.

Simit, which is both a nutritious and satisfying snack, does not cause weight gain problems like fast food.

Simit, which is generally can be consumed by itself only as a snack and can also be enjoyed with products such as cheese, tea or jam.

flour, water, yeast, salt, molasses, sesame

Allergy Warning
Contains gluten and sesame.